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PRP and Mesotherapy, Hair loss is a very common problem experienced by many people. Hair loss is seen in about 1 out of every 3 people. Since this is a common problem, many people seek a solution to their hair loss problem.

Some people apply homemade mixtures to their scalp and hair to at least slow the rate of hair loss. Those who have advanced hair loss have hair transplantation. However, there are other methods among these solutions: PRP and mesotherapy.

PRP and mesotherapy treatments are basically very similar. Both occur by injecting certain mixtures into the scalp of the patient. But the ingredients of the mixture are different from each other. take a closer look at both of these treatments.

PRP Treatment

PRP, an abbreviation of Platelet-Rich-Plasma, is a natural, regional treatment for the treatment of hair loss. In PRP treatments, doctors use the own blood and other substances to support hair growth.

How does it work?

take a look at the processes of PRP treatment:

•    will take a small amount of your blood and centrifuge it (precipitation of solid particles in the blood). Centrifugation concentrates the platelets and proteins with active ingredients that promote hair growth.

•    warn your doctor will use a device. This is required for the mix to work .

•    After completion of preparation Your doctor will start injecting this mixture into your scalp.

The hair-prolonging factors in the mixture reduce the weakening of the hair follicles, accelerate the blood flow in your scalp and support the development of new cells.

You need to take at least 3 PRP sessions to see the full results.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is an effective procedure against hair loss. Advantages:

•     Supports hair extensionnatural results

•     easy and quick

•     fast healing process Ability to continue daily activities after the procedure

You should also be aware of the side effects. Although rare, PRP treatments can cause infection, nerve damage, and/or tissue damage at the injection site.

Mesotherapy process is very similar to PRP treatment. Just like PRP treatment, it involves the injection of some substances. However, the substance injected by the doctor is different in mesotherapy sessions.

The mixture in mesotherapy treatments contains vitamins, minerals andto hair lossIt consists of substances that inhibit the hormone DHT, which can cause

The benefits and side effects of mesotherapy treatments are very similar to PRP treatments.

Having both of these treatments can maximize their benefits. If you are looking for a topical, simple and quick treatment for your hair loss, these treatments may be what you are looking for. Contact us for more information about these treatments. We would be pleased to provide detailed information about these transactions and their prices.

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